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A Basic Healthy Diet

The following are recommendations for those of you who are unsure if you trust yourself enough to trust the cravings that are arising.


I piece of your favorite fruit

Meal replacement smoothie (try visiting your local health food store to find the VEGAN brand and formula that is most appealing to you (No Whey). These cover some vitamin and mineral requirements, so you don't have to worry so much about nutrients in the other food in your diet).


For lunch I usually have leftovers from whatever the last evening's meal was. If you enjoy going out for lunch you should eat your largest meal of the day at lunch time. Try choosing anything that appeals to you even if the food is high calorie.


Intuitive meal preparation may take some getting used to, especially if you are not used to cooking. My recommendation is that you prepare simple meals to start, including at least 2 vegetables, one vegan protein source, whole grains and some fat. For example, visit your local grocery store and go to the fruit and vegetable section. Ask yourself which vegetables most appeal to you, they are likely the ones that were prepared for you as a child, these are the best choices for vegetables, especially if they are emotionally significant to you.

If you haven't tried many vegetables you can download the following list of common vegetables in North America and try selecting 2, the vegetables that taste the best to you are the vegetables with the nutrients your body is most wanting, and this includes the effect they can have on your emotional state, since positive emotional state is the biggest influencer of total body health.


A handful of your favorite nuts


Unlimited vegetables

I also do recommend supplementing with a good quality multivitamin & mineral to be sure your nutrient needs are covered! I recommend AOR Ortho Core.

I am now a strict vegan because that is the diet that is best for the planet. For more information on becoming a vegan and achieving health goals, please visit

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