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How to begin! (Learning to trust)

Follow this step by step guide to get you started. And again, if you begin feeling overwhelmed with the emotions that result from trusting your food choices, just go vegan!

Week 1: write down EVERY SINGLE FOOD CRAVING - anything and everything! And record how you feel when you think about eating the food.

Note: there are no right or wrong emotions. All emotions are valid and help guide you. Keep a small food diary with you at all times. This exercise should be FUN if you are not having fun then this approach is not for you.

Week 2: Be brave, try to eat whatever comes to your mind - just for a week - so you're not going to gain weight or ruin your health. Again, this should be fun. If it's not then you do not have a normal relationship with yourself. I'm telling you the truth. I never used to think food choices were making me feel so guilty and it was especially difficult trusting that I only eat enough food to satisfy my body's needs. But those issues are gone now. You are right to crave the foods you crave. And I'm positive that if you compare your food choices this week to your craving diary from the previous week, you WILL NOT have eaten as many "bad (non-vegan) foods" as the ones you crave. Your body WILL crave nutrients in the amount that you require.

Trust me that the most difficult part of the approach is being compassionate towards yourself. However, once your food choices are in total alignment with your body, mind and spirit's needs, you will no longer feel guilty or bad about the foods you eat because you will be 100% vegan and your health and wellbeing will improve so much that you will tell yourself that your mind is your friend and not the enemy in all areas of your lucid life.

Be prepared to uncover some deep truths about your relationship with yourself. I've been through the tumultuous sea of emotions that arise with healing on the psycho-spiritual level. I really never imagined I trusted myself so little until I learned to trust that I really do only want the best vegan foods for myself, so fear is useful only in the sense that it protects us until we can trust that we love ourselves enough to do only the right things in every moment (Go VEGAN). Trust in myself has been the greatest gift and I hope you can trust in your(vegan)self too.

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