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Always Choose Love

I'm reading "A Course in Miracles" right now and read Marianne Williamson's book "A Return to Love" several years ago, which is a book based on the teachings of the Course. The message contained within both books is that choosing love can revolutionize your life and is the easiest way to healing. I highly recommend both books, especially for healing deep levels of the psyche that can be wounded by Catholicism and other belief systems.

Using the approach on my website is another way to heal your psyche, and uses the concept of always choosing love.

As I've talked about in previous blog articles, loving ourselves for the decisions we make teaches us to trust our decisions, and trusting our decisions gives us both freedom and peace of mind. If you are not accustomed to trusting your food choices you will have health and weight issues. That is why the most important choice you can make is to trust your food choices.

You may by now be confused about what it means to trust your food choices, especially since there is some conflicting information about what is healthiest and best in terms of weight management and overall health. I am young so I was able to throw caution to the wind and radically trust that my body will tell me what to eat and when. I realize now that choosing to be vegan is the best choice for all humans.

The FASTEST way to TRUSTING you are healthy IS to be totally 100% VEGAN and to believe and trust that your body is communicating it's wants and needs through thoughts that enter your conscious awareness.

Always choose love when it comes to giving your body the foods you crave. Your body is telling you what it needs, and what it needs most is healthy VEGAN foods.

You will absolutely regain vibrant health as you direct compassion and love towards your body and your mind. It will happen more quickly the more you love and trust, so that is the purpose of the articles. To help you to actually believe your body wants you to be healthy and happy (and fit)!

"For as long as you feel guilty you are listening to the voice of the ego, which tells you you have been treacherous to God and therefore deserve death. You will think that death comes from God and not from the ego because, by confusing yourself with the ego, you believe that you want death." pg 233 Course in Miracles. This excerpt brings to light that guilt is useless since it does nothing to serve you and should therefore be eliminated from your thought process.


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