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We all have built up a self-image, including the narrative that we started about the "self" from a very young age. If you are visiting my website it means that for a reason that was beyond your control, your relationship with yourself and with food has been wounded.

A child experiences their world through emotional filters, which are influenced by words spoken by others. Once a child has made an association between an event and the emotional filter, from that time forward both are experienced as the same thing.

You are at your core that same innocent child, who is at the mercy of the experiences that happened for you throughout your life.

You are a complex being with many facets to you.

These facets are brilliant and shining.

By trusting that you already are trusting and loving yourself, including every decision you've ever made, "flaws" you may believe are a part of you will fall away, and you will shine the light you have within you.

The primary goal of my approach is to help you become in tune with your emotions and how they relate to your food choices. But know that in all honesty I believe going totally vegan is the fastest route to all your life's goals being attained!

You will also gain valuable insight into your own psychology and the drivers behind the food choices you make, while becoming increasingly compassionate towards yourself and trusting your decisions. My approach is all about healing the psychological influences that can prevent us from reaching our health, wellness and body image goals, resulting in permanent behavioural changes that will revolutionize your relationship with food. It is my belief that true change has to happen at the mind, body and spirit levels to achieve optimal healing. And that learning to be more loving towards ourselves for the psychological patterns that have developed over your lifetime allows for this to happen in addition to building trust in yourself in all other areas of your life.

I have a degree in biology & psychology combined and am a holistic nutritionist.  This is the approach I had to use in order to overcome 20+ years of various forms of a disordered relationship with myself, including hating myself, my body, my decisions etc. I can now say that I am truly healed and it is my dream to help others heal themselves.


I now realize that even though at times I didn't feel that I was worthy of my own love, I have always had a very special guardian angel, my dad's maman, Anne-Marie. And that at the heart, my decisions have always been based in love for myself.

You deserve to live a life of freedom, vitality, abundance and true self love, including loving every facet of yourself.


I am so very grateful that you have allowed me to be a part of your hero's journey, and I wish you all the best throughout your lucid life.


Your friend,




To make the best use of the information on my website:

1) Read the blog articles found here - They will provide you with enough information about the relationship between your emotional guidance system, trust and your food choices to begin the healing between yourself and your food choices.

2) Click here to select the e-books I have written. The e-books provide a more detailed approach for examining your psychology in relation to your food choices.

4) To learn which foods I trust are healthiest for the mind, body & spirit go to

5) To help change the neural pathways that no longer serve you I recommend using CBD/THC along with guided meditations by Sarah and Unlock Your Life hypnotherapy, found here.

6) To learn more about my spiritual views that revolutionized how I relate to my life click please visit Your Lucid Life

7) If you find the information on my website has been useful in your healing journey, I am happily accepting any amount you so should wish by clicking the button below :D

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