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How using your emotions will guide you to optimal health & wellbeing

A lack of trust and self-love, for some of us can be the hardest thing and what prevents us from attaining the goals we want to achieve. However, building trust in yourself allows for radical healing at the most fundamental level of any subconscious barriers that result in deviations from optimal health and wellness.

I do recommend a focus on nutrition in addition to building trust and self-love by using the emotional guidance system we all have. And by going PURE VEGAN you will naturally focus on your nutrition.

I can say with certainly that although my diet habits had improved since the 8th grade when I was anorexic and I was feeling better and better since attending school to become a nutritionist, it wasn't until I learned to trust my food choices by directing compassion toward myself for wanting to eat certain foods in the first place, followed by eliminating all non-vegan foods, that I can truly say that I'm healed from the inside out. And while nutrition school provided information regarding the healing benefits of foods, by feeding your body primarily whole vegan foods you will learn to love your being on an even more spiritual level.

So I invite you to take the plunge and try for even a day to trust that whatever comes to your mind is the right thing, and to trust that all your food choices are the right ones so you never need to feel guilty again. And I sincerely hope that immediately you will begin to notice positive changes in your state of wellbeing, including feeling empowered that you actually do know deep down EXACTLY what your body, mind and spirit need to allow you to live the life that you want in the vital body you've always dreamed was possible.

I know you're capable of the challenge and if you persist in trusting your vegan decisions, you will heal your mind. As Shakespeare famously said "Our bodies are our gardens, to the which our wills are gardeners". And in order to will your body to be a certain way, first you must work to challenge the belief that trusting your decisions will do you harm and result in a state of disease (Vegan is the fastest). From now on anytime you eat anything state out loud if possible that "that was the right thing, in the right amount and I can already notice positive changes in my body that are becoming more and more evident".

GO VEGAN and please see my next blog post about how self-sabotage isn't a real thing. And in the meantime, eat what you want and enjoy it!!!

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