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Raspberry white chocolate scones until I don't feel like it anymore

To give you an example of the approach I used to believe to overcome my emotional eating disorder I used berry white chocolate scones from Cobs bakery.

The raspberry white chocolate scone from Cobs is heavenly. And on occasion I would treat myself to one (they are non-vegan). But it was usually as a part of my "cheat/binge day". But after my kundalini energy awakening, through which I opened my third eye intuition, I was intuitively guided to the understanding that while all animals have souls, for whatever reason, my intuition allowed me to eat as many berry white chocolate scones as I wanted.

The first few times I bought around 6, and ate most of them in one sitting! Sometimes they were the only thing I would consume that day but my intuition allowed me to do so by being compassionate towards myself for loving the taste of berry white chocolate scones. And over time, my desire for them became less and less. I ate so many scones that I actually stopped craving them at the time. But actually now that I'm writing about them I am craving one again lol. Too bad I'm in Australia and can't get the exact same thing. But I trust that my intuition will guide me to something just as satisfying and if it doesn't, because I don't trust that it won't increase my weight, I won't feel like eating them.

I've reflected a lot about how it is that I was able to reduce my weight over the past few years while eating everything I craved. And I truly believe that it has to do a lot with how much I trust myself. And if at the time I'm feeling worse about myself and about my body, my understanding is that I shouldn't consume certain foods. That being said, I never feel the same kind of "restricted" as I once did.

True freedom comes when you can fully believe that all your food choices are getting you towards your health goals as quickly as possible. This includes never feeling guilty, which is an incredibly hard thing to do when a person is not 100% VEGAN.

Eating a VEGAN whole food diet is the right direction. I did still allow myself berry white chocolate scones for the time.

We actually do only want to be healthy and happy and so does our whole body, including the body of the planet. Please see my next blog post about how I am now a vegan :D

And funnily enough, only a few months after I wrote this blog article, I found myself working at the best 5 star B&B in Byron Bay where I was given the opportunity to bake the most decadent raspberry white chocolate muffins. The recipe I've now forgotten lol!

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