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Cannabis Use As Therapy

Cannabis products are becoming increasingly popular to treat a variety of conditions ranging from anxiety to epilepsy to pain disorders to neurodegenerative conditions. There are 2 main categories of compounds present in cannabis which vary in amount depending on the strain, they are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Both are useful to treat most conditions, although for different reasons.

The cannabidiol (CBD) component is non-psychoactive and has the most research confirming positive effects for various health conditions. While CBD on its own is effective for the treatment of various conditions, including THC will further increase the therapeutic potential.

THC is the psychoactive component that gives users the feeling of being "high". Everyone experiences a different effect from THC and the effect experienced is the therapy.

I have quite a lot of experience using various hallucinogenic substances as tools for introspection and psychospiritual healing. Some of the experiences I've had have been so profound that they have convinced me that our minds are much more than the physical brain and biochemical processes that are correlated with behaviours.

The experiences I've had have given me insights into my own psychology and have allowed me to experience myself as a spiritual being who is able to control all aspects of my life. The benefit of using a combination of THC and CBD in cannabis products is to change rigid pathways in your brain that are self defeating.

As I've talked about in a previous blog post, there is no such thing as self sabotage. If you believe you are self-sabotaging you have a self defeating belief in place that needs to be changed.

I believe that using cannabis products even without additional therapies is enough to break anyone free of thought patterns that do not serve them. It has been the most useful tool for bringing me back to a belief in the spiritual, loving, caring properties of life in this Universe. If you are suffering from a serious health condition these might be hard things to believe in, that is why I believe THC is especially effective, for bringing you back to the best reality.

That being said, THC can bring up subconscious beliefs that are sometimes reflected in the reality you experience. I have been motivated to use THC to overcome fears, since I have held the belief that doing so would be the fastest route to achieving the goals I want to achieve. I don't believe THC is necessary, necessarily. BUT it is for some reason the compound that I have kept coming back to, especially when I was at the lowest emotionally I have ever felt.

Be sure if you do use THC that you have the right set (mind-set) and the right setting (safe). Know that experiences can be bizarre, funny, and that consciousness is affected by its effect on the anandamide receptor. Ananda is a Sanskrit word that has the English meaning bliss or spiritual joy, these are essential to keep in mind while under it's influence.

If you have been diagnosed with a "terminal" illness, you must manifest enough self-love for healing to occur. I have heard of individuals who are able to miraculously self-heal, one young lady from a terminal brain tumour, with the power of her belief in the love of God she did miraculously heal herself. I also do know that believing healing is possible is a great limiting belief. That is why switching to vegan immediately is crucial to health, and using the highest dose possible of THC and CBD together is what I do believe is necessary for some individuals❣💚😻

I do know that if I am tired I can consume THC and feel lifted enough to stay awake, I recommend that if you are not retired you wait until after 4:20pm to consume. To encourage a positive state of mind in order to increase the potential for positive manifestations is my main reason. I am currently using a vegan edible that contains 2.5mg THC and 10mg CBD. To feel lifted. To be higher :D Unsafe to drive.

When I travelled to India in 2014 I came across a baby cow laying amongst cannabis plants outside a temple. When I returned to Canada I continued to consume animal products, that is the worst decision I could have made, my mental health suffered more than I thought is possible. I also have created these websites, so it is still my path, going vegan I'm sure is the easier option. And I do encourage spiritual psychotherapy, using cannabis is a way to expand your mind.

Please visit Unlock Your Life for guided hypnotherapy. I truly believe that by using THC and CBD in combination with guided hypnotherapy for releasing limiting beliefs. Showing yourself loving compassion, treating yourself to only the best vegan foods, and enjoying exercise radical self-healing will happen to you. Respect and love.

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