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Sacred Cows

Cows have been revered in India for thousands of years 🕉 Traditionally they were respected as gentle figures of motherhood and were well cared for...

But in the Western world, things are a lot different❣❣❣ Cows are treated as commodities, as are the other animals grown for slaughter and use 🐄

Children are taught never to harm any living thing and yet so often they are also being fed the animals they love so much, it is not right and it can be very damaging to the psyche, especially for children❣❣❣

Some vegetarians still do consume dairy, and in all transparency chocolate and cheese were some of the last things I gave up forever. Some still believe that dairy cows are treated humanely, but the reality is that the dairy industry feeds directly into the beef cattle industry 🥩

Female cows are inseminated artificially and repeatedly impregnated, since a cows needs to be a mother to give it's milk 🥛🍼🧀

The baby calf is then almost immediately taken away, to become either a dairy producing cow or even worse to be grown into beef cattle, slaughtered at the tender age of one or two.

To be repeatedly impregnated and have your calf taken away is not the right thing, whether farmers believe they treat their animals humanely or not 🤑😭💔

We as humans would never dream of treating other humans so disgustingly, so why do so many still consider the use of cows and cow products as acceptable?

Love to those who are now in the industry, a cow's life is worth more than money 🕊

To slaughter cows, they are first transported to the slaughterhouse without food or water, they are shot in the head, sometimes stunning them and sometimes causing them a lot of distress 😭 they are them hoisted up by an ankle, breaking bones and then while sometimes still conscious their throats are slit to bleed them out 😭😭😭 then their heads are cut off and their skin taken removed before harvesting their muscles for human meats and other organs too sometimes for things like dog food 🤬🤯😈 Vegans do love cows sometimes even more than meat-eating humans, they are more innocent and definitely vulnerable compared to us. It does make some vegans very angry that humans think they're allowed to treat sentient beings with so much disrespect, vegans do also sometimes feel very disrespected when others eat their friends, too true 🙊💔😭

And did you also know that up until very recently live horses have been exported to countries that choose to slaughter them to eat their meat as well 🐴🐎🦄 slaughterhouses should not exist, I have met a couple men who have worked in them, they do cause trauma and it is not fair to expect anyone to have the job of killing innocent animals, day after day. The stuff of nightmares for real 😭😭😭


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